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Chris OHara
Check out for more aggressive skating

: Very interesting! Could that be described as "breakdance on quads"?

Actually, it is pretty much break dancing on quads. There are people who do the windmill, head spins, among other break dancing moves. But the main core of it is to look smooth and strong while you're skating in the competitions. We have a national competition Nov 23 & 24 in Chicago where all the best jam skaters from the US are going to show up at.

: I heard that a specialized vert skate is in the works. Currently, I think most vert skaters either build the skates themselves (eg skateboard parts plus custom metal jobs), or combine rollerskate components that are currently available.

Thanks for those links on how to build the skates. It was pretty interesting to come across that there are vert skaters on self made quads. I'll have to look more into the cost of building myself a pair :) Thanks again Tobi!

smile! :)
Chris O'Hara

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