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Cool! The king of roll told me that Protecs are the real deal! He dont lie. I just hope it fits OK like I expect it too. If so, for $25, might have to get a spare. :-D I've got extra pads here so I can tweak the fit.

What kills me is that I spend time researching to get the best protection I can. I really HATE being injured. Most of these kids you have to force to wear even a helmet! I guess they think they can crack their head and get a new one?

: I've just retired my red protech after the MOSSjam.Bought it in early 1980's,and has served me well.I now have a nice new Protech witch is awsome too exept it doesn't have the ear bits to hold it on without a chin strap.The only ones like that now are watersport ones and they have fuck all padding.Protech all the way!!!
: cheers joe
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