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sorry, Bernhard, delete some K? ;-D
looks great!!! and not with a long aerodynamic tail (so quite round shaped outside), better to avoid tork on you neck on backward impacts....
If you skate with it, check out that you can remove the visor, or that it can popup itself, else it could be dangerous for you neck if you do faceplant....

BTW: never use MTB/cycling gloves for rollerskating: they grip, avoid your hands to slide (not as rsk8 wristgards do) and cause jaw plant. Several accidents have been reported.


: : Well, hopefully this helmet will be good for all! My head isnt round, its narrow so it would be hard for me to just order online without trying something similar. And there arent any ones with visors that are light colored. This is what I got:
: :
: :
: : Not bad for $25!! Hope I did OK. I just heard not so good things about s-ones.
: :
: : : I use the same helmet for all my outdoor activities (rollerskating, windurfing, cycling, snowboarding, climbing), its from Bios, designed by a neurosurgeon (, but other brands also have good multipurpose.
: : : For me the important points are:
: : : -tight fit,
: : : -rated protection and hard shell,
: : : -round shape: the helmet can't induce tork on you head,
: : : -very well vented, avoid dark colors and soft foam everywhere too
: : : -ligthweight,
: : : -multipurpose.....
: : : Cheers
: : :
: : : : I'm getting a helmet for my bike since I was told that in bike crashes, you roll and that multi-impact are better. Is there such a thing? Is this OK for skating (BMX helmets)? The one I have now is S-One. I was told that isnt so good, Protecs are better and the one I have is for skating only. I really dont know the difference! The one I am ordering is the Pro-Tec Ace Dig Cycling Helmet (on sale!) . I liked it cause it had a visor on it in case I run into a tree lol or to keep mudd from getting on my face. So can I use that for skating too? I think it might be nice for a faceplant lol? Or to keep the hot sun outta my face.
: : : :
: : : : I saw some pricey helmets, Bern and Giro. But I found out they charge twice the amount due to lower weight and looks. I didnt see the merit on spending $30 more for an ounce maybe. My head didnt notice. He told me safety wise they are the same and with multi impact you are supposed to replace the helmet anyways if you crash.
: : : :
: : : : Oh, as far as Protecs go, the ace runs slightly big (thin pads inside) and some others now run smaller due to thicker pads I guess.
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