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I'm nuts.....
: : : You crack me up. Yes, I think it is the best addiction you could have. You have me curious now about these plates. I need to see that the difference is. I did have a set up when I was younger that had Tracker Mids on it and I could not skate on them. I probably did not give them enough time. I also agree with you about the grind bar. It is the best set up I have ever had, but I am sure I could get something even better. I don't like having the bar attached to the top of the King pin. It leaves no room for any grab. Claudine, I know that you know I joke with you and the reality is that all of your skates probably are closet to what I spent for one pair. lol
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: : : : No, I'm just keeping the plates/trucks. The boots I sold to someone else already since they are too big for me and I have oak streets already which fit fine. They will now take these plates as my upgraded street skates and skates for lansdowne. Robert, if you ever skated in skateboard trucks, you would know why I want those plates for the rest of my life! I might ask to be buried with them on. :-P They are my most valuable thing I own!! I have awesome sliders and awesome wheels now. I have one set of vert skates, one set street (was my $5 skates), one set soccer speed skates ($12 lol), and one not together ($45). Thats it. And my art skates which I might sell. I dont own any jewelry, no nice clothes, no cable, no good music and no vacation for another year. So my bike and plates are my fun for the summer! They keep me HAPPY. :-D But at least you can ride Lisas wide trucks which hold skateboard wheels. If you ever get the chance to ride skateboard trucks, you will realize Lisa's arent so hot and her grind bars really dont cut it. But I'm sure you could skate in metal wheels tied onto your shoe too. This makes me happy, more so then expensive clothing, fancy cars or a big house. I ask for nothing else but my fun and furry guys. I am now living off of beans and rice for the next week and a half hahahahaha. And I'm depressed from not skating and I havent had a cocktail all year yet. And I dont smoke nor go out partying on weekends anymore. So thats lots of money I saved from being a good girl lol. Yes, I'm an addict. Least its not drugs eh?
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: : : : : Claudine, you are addicted! lol You may need an intervention. How many skates do you now have? I have never known much about skate equipment and wonder how much it really matters? I am curious to know from all of you how much a plate really impacts your skating? I do like the flat bottom of those plates, but wonder how much difference it actually makes. I used to have no problem doing plate stahls on my old Chicago plates. I have decided what I like when doing plate stahls is having my the king pin part of the trucks hit the coping so that I can push off. I still don't know what I am going to do about my grind plates. I took them off to see if I could attach them at the bottom of the bushings, but the holes don't match up. I may just get a weak jump bar, which usually bends to the bottom of the plate with in a week.
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: : : : : : I won tracker plates for myself on ebay, OUCH. I just went crazy on the last sec. on the bidding and it went to the full price, wow. But the boots are sold already, along with the plates if they are slightly big to the awesome dude that sold me my first ones. But mine are the same size it seems. OK, I'm really, really broke now. :-( But now I'm set for life in vert plates!! I dont have options to have plates machined and serious doubts I could cut one myself. After getting the trackers I dont want to ride in anything else and never plan on giving this up til my ticket is called. So whats the scoop on copers?
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: : g day all.
: : my peers reckon im loopy as well, i just tell them that im having a second go at my first childhood.
: : claudine, your not alone with this obsession to buy sk8s. i recently purchased some independent plates via e bay, i set them up and love them, but, i still prefer my old plates whitch have been faithfull since 79.
: : anyhow, i hope you confine yourself to cross training and leave cross dressing to the poofs among us.
: : now seriously ,we have favorable weather here for year round sk8ting plus an indoor bowl in case it rains .you should consider coming down under before your ticket is punched.
: : we are a friendly bunch really , just as berhard.
: : c u , h .
: : sorry, i meant , just ask bernhard. cheers. h.

Roller dudes are the best!! I'm proud to be one (dudette lol) Yeah, I'm an addict, I will spend my last penny for my fix. Least I'm not an art or jam skater. I would have to fork out $1K for a set of skates, own a couple of them minimum plus a dozen wheels. Its insane!! But Robert, I am just in love with this plate/truck set up. This is the best ride of my life and I dont want to settle for less. I tried to get plates made a long time ago but it would cost me much more then this so it was worth it for me. I'm set and content on this setup. The only thing thats holding me back now is me lol.

One day I hope to skate with you all!! Now I'm so broke. No vacation/benefits until I worked a year. I need to check myself into treatment at Woodward for the skate addiction program lol. But let me heal first cause I want to have fun in the foam pit and learn to drop in on vert! But I will cross train now in other extreme sports to keep my body healthy. No men in heels with fake eyelashes K? :-D
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