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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
I'm nuts.....
: : claudine, your not alone with this obsession to buy sk8s. i recently purchased some independent plates via e bay, i set them up and love them, but, i still prefer my old plates whitch have been faithfull since 79.
: : anyhow, i hope you confine yourself to cross training and leave cross dressing to the poofs among us.
: : now seriously ,we have favorable weather here for year round sk8ting plus an indoor bowl in case it rains .you should consider coming down under before your ticket is punched.
: : we are a friendly bunch really , just as berhard.
: : c u , h .
: : sorry, i meant , just ask bernhard. cheers. h.

I'll take it either way ... :-)

Anyhow, I really can recommend going to Oz. Great country, much better than Germany (and probably the US). In Oz, the administration really does something for the people and not only against it (as I am under the sad impression in Germany). The skating facilities are great and there are even more roller skaters per billion inhabitants than in Germany. Only Spain probably has more. ;-)
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