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New set up
avoid!!!!!! these skate are maybe only good for cruising in the street. For me, minus are:
(1)monobloc boot+plate: worn skate are meant to be changed as a whole.
(2)the under plate looks like a grind bar, it's shape might suit your need, but it's just there to stiffen the skate and it's resilience is poor, so it could break quite easily.
(3)distance between wheels axes and foot is far too high for whatever skating style.
I think that cutting/drilling some metal/plastic to your need is far cheapper/adapted/interesting!!!! You should try Robert, whatever the result, you will improve your skills and also probably your skates!!!!!!


: Hi all,
: I skated today and had a blast. I realized that my setup sucks and I need something else for my plate setup. I am either going to try to find someone to drill some holes so that my grind bar can be closer to my plate or I was thinking I could take my trucks and wheels and put them on my old skates with the magnum plates that I liked. Someone just showed me these and I really like the addition to the plate. Anyone ever hear of Alpha? This plate bar looks perfect and I want it now.
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