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New set up
: Hi all,
: I skated today and had a blast. I realized that my setup sucks and I need something else for my plate setup. I am either going to try to find someone to drill some holes so that my grind bar can be closer to my plate or I was thinking I could take my trucks and wheels and put them on my old skates with the magnum plates that I liked. Someone just showed me these and I really like the addition to the plate. Anyone ever hear of Alpha? This plate bar looks perfect and I want it now.

Robert, talk to Lisa! She told me she is working on a new design. Plastic. I spoke to her about it going lower like mine since it clasps. I"m not sure of the exact design yet but let her know you are desparate!

An idea. I am thinking what to do if for some reason my plate goes. How about cutting the UHMW plastic to the plate size? Take narrow skateboard trucks. Line them up the bases with a straight edge. Place the axels the distance where you like them. Cut a rectangle to the edge of the baseplates so there is 1/4" at least between the hole and outside edge. Extend to the top as needed. Get the toe stop mounts. Screw in UHMW sliders. Good to go!

Whats your insole length? If those skates I have arent sold and you can fit them, you can buy them from me. Tracker plates!

Also, take a photo of the bottom of your plate so we can see the skate bottoms up. I need to see what is flat, not, etc. to have an idea what if anything is possible to attach to it and where.
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