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another rippin day!
I had a blast again. Wow, I even dropped in first time on my skateboard. :-D Only 2 feet up lol but I have more respect for the boarders cause it feels really wrong dropping in on a board. You have to try to slam your shoulder into the ground to get the front trucks down. Slammed my hip on a back stall trying to show off lol, but a cool day. I hope Ludi is rollin and stayin healthy too!

I got to roll in the big bowl again, so cool! The kryptonics stoppers RULE! I was able to walk out the big bowl all myself. :-D Thing is, it really doesnt seem that much farther up then the 6 1/2 foot ramp I dropped in on now! The coping is over an inch, but is vert like just taking an air for a foot til your trucks hit? If I werent in fear of hurting myself right now, I would have given it a go today. But I dont have a full face helmet!??! I think if I had one of those and extra chunky drawers on lol, I would let it rip!! I'm itching to do that bowl.

So can an old person skate everyday? I really want to. I hope I can almost this summer. This is soooo much fun! I'm just dying to slide around the pool coping one day.
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