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another rippin day!
The grind bar only helps me to drop in without using my toe stops and allows me to do stalls. Thats it honestly. But if the coping is not too low, I can clasp on easier. I just started dropping in this past fall Robert. For me since I was new, I used to squat down with her bars and place my plates on. I never felt like I clasped on, I would balance so at first I would put a hand on a ledge to help me out. Now I can just stand there, put it on and dive in. Duke and others dont even clasp on, they just jump in. I'm sure in time that will happen with me because there isnt always coping on some bowls to put sliders on. I still dont know how to slide yet. Just front and now back stalls. But I know with these, I can slide one day soon! I think most of the guys slide but they balance more on their plates where mine will hold on a touch easier. Plus this material is like ice. :-D Doesnt stop me from doing airs, grabs, handplants, carving up a storm, rolling in, jumping in, just makes stalls easier. In a sense. The bowl I skate in mostly, the coping is so low so I'm pretty much just resting on it, not clasping on. Makes it harder, but its more of a touch and go versus higher coping I can grab and go. So that would be like skating with Lisas bars all the time of just balancing on the coping and jumping off.

I also find I never lock up with these trucks and when I get to it, will be easier to grind. Only mini 1 sec grinds so far lol.

Only thing slowing me down are hitting my freakin hips lol!! And rain....... But I think I will try those dead dog shorts when uncle sam gives me back the money he owes me YAY!

: Claudine, I am so happy for you. You are having so much fun. I skated yesterday and it took a while to get used to my skates after putting the trucks back on. I am so frustrated right now. I am so sick of only carving and doing grinds. I need a nice 9 ft ramp to re learn my old tricks. Did you find the grind bar to influence the way your trucks turned or felt? Once I put it back on, my skates seemed to feel a lot better.
: : I had a blast again. Wow, I even dropped in first time on my skateboard. :-D Only 2 feet up lol but I have more respect for the boarders cause it feels really wrong dropping in on a board. You have to try to slam your shoulder into the ground to get the front trucks down. Slammed my hip on a back stall trying to show off lol, but a cool day. I hope Ludi is rollin and stayin healthy too!
: :
: : I got to roll in the big bowl again, so cool! The kryptonics stoppers RULE! I was able to walk out the big bowl all myself. :-D Thing is, it really doesnt seem that much farther up then the 6 1/2 foot ramp I dropped in on now! The coping is over an inch, but is vert like just taking an air for a foot til your trucks hit? If I werent in fear of hurting myself right now, I would have given it a go today. But I dont have a full face helmet!??! I think if I had one of those and extra chunky drawers on lol, I would let it rip!! I'm itching to do that bowl.
: :
: : So can an old person skate everyday? I really want to. I hope I can almost this summer. This is soooo much fun! I'm just dying to slide around the pool coping one day.
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