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i want these shorts!
: Avoid 100% synthetic short, the material will fuse and burn you on the first slide.... 100% cotton+padding is perfect!!!
: : where can i get them? I think this would protect my hips good.
: :
: :

So I should just stick with foam? I'm going to try out my hockey hip pads again to see if they work OK. They are bulky but now I dont care I"m about healed but it wouldnt feel good to slam on them yet. I'm not sure if plastic/foam combo would be better? If so, if I get the next size hockey shorts, the plastic wouldnt cup as much so I wouldnt have to worry about it digging into my skin if I landed funny. Still super bulky, might need a pair of shorts TWO sizes up lol. I have some flat volleyball knee pads I could stick down my crash pads, would that be better? Ideas? I think I would like to have something velcroed to the pants eventually, then I can move more.

Where can I get a fat ass lol?
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