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i want these shorts!
Claudine, I don't know why you never take my advice. Just don't fall! lol Are those crash pads? I think you mentioned you had them and I really like mine. Why not wear your crash pads and then velco another pad over the bad area? I never fall because I never try anything. It's a funny correlation. Let's see......progression and pain or safety and stagnation. lol By the way, I do fall, just don't progress.

: I have new shorts! I centered where my bruise was in the hockey hip piece. I hit the same spot constantly and made sure there was beefy foam where the plastic comes in. So that spot should never get impact anymore. I moved and cut pads only where bones are. It looks like cellulite lol. But its easier to move if its pieces of foam rather then one piece. Comments/suggestions? I think this is the best I can do. If I have a sore spot, just stuff more foam under them. If it doesnt work, undo/redo again.
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