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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
its cut but...
: : Pretty easy to cut actually, but the edges are sharp. Sand/dremel/file? Hints or I will just figure it out lol.....
: you could have used body washers, but as we are all well aware, you will find a way.
: keep up the good work.
: i'v been quiet for a while, because my computer fucked up!
: but now i have my work laptop up and going
: looking forward to yacking!

Yay, good to hear from ya!

This will keep the head flat. Washers would have it stand up over a mm. Its not as thick and its soft enough to sink in some to the heads shape. So I think this is better. I just need to smooth the edges.

Bernhand, I want to work at that new shop!! I'll custom paint boards. ;-D
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