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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
its cut but...
: : glad you made it back here! I just did a report on the opening of an new skate shop here in Freiburg. They are building their own longboards and downhill boards. Even in special girls variants.
: das ist sehr rad.

In der Tat, in der Tat. We even have some serious downhill routes here. E.g. Schauinsland is a downhill route which is more than 10 km long and the altitude difference is nearly 1 km.

: gday mr b, how are you? what a coincidence, im in the process of putting together a longboard. ive purchased some old gullwing sidewinder trucks, new bennet alligator wheels and our old mate karl[the skull has returned] is making me a 38 inch deck. i am hoping to have it up and going in a week or so.

Wow. I have seen some of your creations at your place and imagine this one to be just as great.

: on sunday we travelled to bendigo [2 hrs north] to sample their new bowl/park, what a pleasant surprise, well balanced. i took it easy [left shoulder still sore] lots of carving and grinding and some air. karl hurt his knee a bit. we will revisit this park soon.

I'm quite well (the body doesn't act up except for the remainders of a cold) but the weather here definitely isn't. It is really chilly and also quite wet. So no skating at all for me. :-(

But at least I can pester some other web master. Someone has notified me that about 10 of the spot checks from popped up at another web site with all the copyright notices removed. They do not have even one spot check of their own. All are taken from without permission. I just sent them a cease and desist note.
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