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Vert is Dead
I have been doing a lot of reading on this on my skateboard forums. ESPN actually just changed their minds and they will be having vert. I definitely don't think vert is dead. It is a lot harder to find vert halfpipes, but there are a ton of vert bowls and pools. It does suck that Vans Skatepark, which is about 14 miles from me, is going to take down their monster halfpipe. I had been wanting to skate it, but kept putting it off. I think it might even be gone now. We do have one huge halfpipe in San Diego, but it is being resurfaced. I miss nice gradual transitions on halfpipes, but vert is definitely not dead. Maybe vert wooden halfpipes? When we are too old to skate, who will take our place? Our generation seems to be the last and it makes me sad. Have kids and make them vertical rollerskate. lol

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