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Vert is Dead....and long life to the vert!!!!
: : : : good article!!! Money and Xtreme games are far to the many the many riders still ripping, but yes, street semms more attractive to the youngers. And sad to say, in US or EU some verts are removed from indoor parks for more street areas. At least skateboarding still recruites young blades. A small kernel of young to older still ride vert here in Paris (30). Hope vert will come again!!!
: : :
: : : Seems that they have reverted their decision:
: : : Don't know if I should be happy about that. Anyhow, I do not watch TV and therefore I largely do not notice those media events.
: : :
: : : : In Champigny and Massy, we initiate youngs to vert board or inline skating or BMX... Many kids/teens like it
: : :
: : : That's the spirit! Go out and skate!
: : :
: : i guess were lucky in oz, vert still rules and we seem to be undergoing a resurgence in all genres of sk8ting, even vert rollersk8ting. i believe beanstalk is lacing his boots up in sydney again. good move mate. that brings us to 4.
: : our 5 yr old, rory is ripping at our local rink, hes going in the inexperienced speed skating after only a dozen times, im wrapped.
: : o k folks, roll free cheers h .
: :
: Whose beanstalk? I used to be called beanie as in Claudine the stringbean lol.

Hey Claudine Beanstalk is anither Sydney rollerskater that has been out of the scene for a while with a dodgey knee but is nearley healed and plenty fired up to get back into it soon.He's been collecting bits for a new setup just lately so should'nt be far away now.

cheers joe
: Ah, vert is dead, roller skating is dead, art is dead, gosh, I'm still alive and love all three!! And as soon as this freaking hip starts to heal, I'll be out there rollin. Dang it, I think a 250 lb poisonous spider sucked some poison in my hip cause if I bumped into something, it stings. Well, patience I know, which line is that in and is it very long lol?
: I got my foam so I'll be making the new/improved ass pads this weekend! That foam feels really good. Just out checking out some things for my design. Slider gloves too I hope and working on my website. But I'd rather be skating.....
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