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anyone rip anything (muscle/ligament?)
: Claudine, I'm sorry I can't say much about your condition. Reminds me a bit of me hitting my shin hard last year. Took very long to heal. Guess I had some inflammation of the periosteum. Anyhow, it's OK again.
: But I can join you at the sick bay now. Yesterday I fell on my left hand with outstretched fingers. Result: Two fractures in the middle hand, two fractures in the fingers. Operation will be next week. At least it isn't the legs. And I'm not in pain.

OMG, I am so sorry! I hope I didnt start anything. Certainly didnt mean to. But from talking to my coworker, sure its a ligament/muscle thing and some of it is spasms. Ligament injuries I was told are the most painful. I do have some good news. I found out about a herb, comfrey leaves. I will put a link up about it. Its used for breaks, sprains, bruises, etc. to heal. I made a paste of it last night and wrapped my arm in a cloth of it, bandaged it up. Today was the first morning I wasnt needing ice, not painful. Bad news is I cannot really move my arm more so I'm sure I will need surgery on it when I get medical or I might lose rotation of my arm. Inversions might be difficult but my legs are GOOD. I cant complain. Not many people my age have the physical ability to do this at all. I am lucky for sure/

I am doing very well at my new job even in pain. I hope this day is pain free! At least today I made progress and my boyfriend is spoiling me in organic foods that I cant afford. So all will be well for me. Not sure if I might be out from sk8n for awhile. I wont get medical to almost Sept and then I might need surgery. I need to look into pre-existing conditions. I think that is if something was TREATED beforehand, it hasnt.

I really hope you heal fast! I dont feel any deep or sharp pains so I think my bones are OK, just all the stringy things that go down my arm arent doing well.
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