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anyone rip anything (muscle/ligament?)
I thought I just started a bad luck injury thing.

Its healing! Still hurts but I can tell its better. I'm bored though since I try not to do more then cook/clean and a few emails on the weekend. Next weekend I will put up new photos on my webpage, then work the week after on t-shirts and I'm going to start painting. So please take photos everyone! I want to make paintings of roller skaters.

But I wish I had a nice camera like we have at work because at least I could take some really nice pictures at the park. I think I will have to wait a few weeks after getting medical to get it checked out since it may still be a pre-existing condition. I cannot feel any lumps, bumps, etc that might indicate a tear. Its all superficial the pain and the bones are straight. My arm is now getting very skinny though so definitely not swollen. My forearm is now almost an inch smaller then my left arm! It was always the bigger one. So I hope I can use it soon. I still cannot rotate it around fully. I cant wash my hair with my fingers and if I try to eat with it, I have to make my hand a fist. But I am hoping I can slowly get back mobility once it heals. I donno. I've always had challenges to deal with my whole life, this will just be another one I guess. Its not my legs or feet so I will be able to skate one day soon!!!! If I can draw, paint and skate and still make things, I will be happy in the end.

Best of luck in your surgery!! Let me know how it goes and when it is. I'll be thinking of you, wishing you luck.

: : OMG, I am so sorry! I hope I didnt start anything.
: No worries. I started roller skating quite some time ago so you couldn't be blamed for it.
: : I am doing very well at my new job even in pain.
: Great news! I hope you will continue to do well-
: : I wont get medical to almost Sept and then I might need surgery.
: Doesn't sound good.
: : I need to look into pre-existing conditions. I think that is if something was TREATED beforehand, it hasnt.
: I hope you are right.
: : I really hope you heal fast! I dont feel any deep or sharp pains so I think my bones are OK, just all the stringy things that go down my arm arent doing well.
: I also thought my bones were not affected, but the x-ray showed otherwise.
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