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a little fun finally....
I was going to sell my scooter since I feel very silly on it now. But I rode it yesterday so it was wonderful! I could feel the right muscles working, dang my calves and low back ached so good! I was sk8n it outside the park too. The guys didnt make fun of me since they knew I just wanted to roll somehow and respected me for that. I guess its not good for you big guys but I could roll on it fine. I hit my pushing foot on the wheel one time and had to grab with my right hand which really hurt, but otherwise it was safe rolling. I am liking the vew-do board a lot too. I put that in the hallway so if I fall I will only smash my ass or head lol.

I am wondering if I should get the regular pro-designed elbows? I tried on a pair of my boyfriends and I only have maybe a max of 3" of my arm left on each side and the sides of it would be within 2" of each other. If I land sideways and DONT ever put my hands out again, wont I slam my elbows?

Yes, a little pre-occupied with protection here but this injury is a financial disaster. Looks like after I get it looked at and can move, I can take an evening//weekend job at the organic market to pay back my debts. I am well liked there and they are willing to hire me, even if I am a one armed gimp. No news of any more movement so unless it improves, I will be going to the dr pretty soon.
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