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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
a little fun finally....
: I was going to sell my scooter since I feel very silly on it now. But I rode it yesterday so it was wonderful! I could feel the right muscles working, dang my calves and low back ached so good! I was sk8n it outside the park too. The guys didnt make fun of me since they knew I just wanted to roll somehow and respected me for that. I guess its not good for you big guys but I could roll on it fine. I hit my pushing foot on the wheel one time and had to grab with my right hand which really hurt, but otherwise it was safe rolling. I am liking the vew-do board a lot too. I put that in the hallway so if I fall I will only smash my ass or head lol.
: I am wondering if I should get the regular pro-designed elbows? I tried on a pair of my boyfriends and I only have maybe a max of 3" of my arm left on each side and the sides of it would be within 2" of each other. If I land sideways and DONT ever put my hands out again, wont I slam my elbows?
: Yes, a little pre-occupied with protection here but this injury is a financial disaster. Looks like after I get it looked at and can move, I can take an evening//weekend job at the organic market to pay back my debts. I am well liked there and they are willing to hire me, even if I am a one armed gimp. No news of any more movement so unless it improves, I will be going to the dr pretty soon.

good on you, i am certain that you are well liked by everyone you come in contact with. im glad you havent lost your sense of humour, otherwise youd have to give the game away.
i took the longboard in a little old bowl the other day, i managed to carve and kickturn fairly easily. i liked the bit about being able to jump off especially.
be patient and just ease back into it, im sure the other sk8ters wont wear the bowl out in your absence.
cheers, h .

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