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please tell me I'm wrong...
I guess a better example is just to put your hand on the computer keyboard. Then flip it up like to catch rain. I cant move it, only a touch if I turn in my elbow. I would have to break my arm so one bone in my forarm isnt working. If I buy something, I cant put my hand out to collect change, it hits the back of my hand. My wrist I can spin around but its pretty sore still.

: Its just my forearm. I cannot pronate nor supinate my arm. I cant move my arm to get my palm facing the ceiling, just stays that one position so I cant rotate my hand/wrist around. Wrist is sore but works ok so just sprained still, elbow just sore at the forarm/sprained, shoulder 100% fine, forearm doesnt work. July 1st I will have insurance. Just worried I will lose work if its serious and not be able to make rent. I already have no money for food or gas this month so I can pay for the insurance. I'm borrowing. I think its the bone that comes from the thumb. Its a small bone. I'm sure they can snap it back in place easily and I dont need to rotate my arm to use a mouse at work. I just worry about skating. I miss it so much! Life is not the same, I'm worried. I just want to do another handplant again. I dont like to read or watch TV, just skating videos lol. I donno, I will get it looked at July 2. I guess I will ride my scooter a bit to forget about it and have a touch of fun. I have all this energy and nothing to do with it! Just worry lol. Once I get insurance everything will be covered.
: : so you shoulder is locked? Try to recolect if from your injury, it has gotten worse in pain, amplitude, etc, If you are several weeks from it, you should think about seeing a good doctor, at least to determine what is wrong with your arm/shoulder. Once you know, you can plan. I know it might be painful for your bank account, but put in balance that in good shape, you can live, work (and skate) much more easily!
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: : : I hope you are right but I cannot rotate my arm at all still. I can only move my wrist and elbow. I cant even turn my arm to get change. I hope you are right! If its crooked, I'm ok, just want it to work and have food and shelter still. I am in more pain now then when I injured it. I get deep stabbing pains that last 20 mins and the ice doesnt help, just pressure. But then my hand swells up like a baloon. I can post more ugly pics of that but I'm sure noone would want to see it.
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: : : : Your arm doesn't look bad to me!!? compare with the other one? expect some diff, as we are not 100% symetrical, especially if you didn't use one, your muscles vanish very fast.
: : : : If some bones were broken and now "welded" again, by rubbing it with your finger were you suspect the broken spot, you should feel a small "welding over joint". If your 2 arms function the same way, with the same joint amplitude, with no pain, well, go skating!!!!!!
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: : : : Cheers
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: : : : : I dont think an arm should look like this. I think I'm fucked up! God I hope they can rebreak it. I really hope I am wrong.
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