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please tell me I'm wrong...
: : Robert, you are smart! I will not be an amazing skater, just want to skate again thats all. I am trying not to think about it right now. I've decided I cant even tell my family. In a little over 2 weeks I will get it checked out. I'm bummed but I cant undo what I did. I think they just have to straighten the bone and set it and I'll be ok, I hope. My left arm is so much bigger then my right one now, defined and cut, it makes this one look more deformed.
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: : : Claudine, I can't wait till you get checked out. Hopefully, you can get fixed. I am realizing that my biggest goal while skating is to stay injury free. It's not like the old days of going for it. Injuries suck and I am doing my best not to even bail. It definitely affects the quality of my skating, but I would rather skate at an intermediate level then hurt myself. Good luck!
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: : : : Looking at it, appears that from the wrist to the elbow, the radius bone should be straight. Who wants to bet my medical bills double or nothing that its that bone that cracked inward? At least the insurance will cover the bills. I pray I dont miss much work. Check this image. My forearm was always bigger around then my upper arm, darnit. Sorry I should keep this to myself....
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: if you were a bloke , wanking would be good therapy.
: now seriosly , when i was a fat piss head, many years ago, i fell asleep on my side on the bench and buggered my radial nerve in my right arm .i lost power and movement for ages. the doc told me i had sat night palsy , he also told me that the nerve grows back at the rate of 1 mm per day . its possible you could have a similar problem.
: you werent drinking i hope.
: our thoughts are with you, cheers , h .
No, dont think its nerve,no numbness/tingling. Its a full blown injury from landing on an outstretched arm from 8 feet. Waiting to hear on medical insurance, time to go by and hoping for the best. Missing my skates! Thanks for thinking about me. Trying not to think about it since it bums me out
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