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Getting insurance
: : Thanks Bernhard! I will go right away. Guess I wont have have that holiday which is already unpaid to recover if I need surgery which means another day unpaid since I dont get paid holidays yet. Gosh this sucks!
: Indeed. I'm in a much better situation in this respect. But I immediately went to work after I got my left thumb in a cast some 8 years ago. No paid recovery as a freelancer (which I was back then) neither.
: : I will be working 2 jobs for awhile it seems afterwards. I'm not sure now if I SHOULD go to the ER or a bone Dr. I never needed a bone fixed so I donno.....
: What is ER? Did you talk to your skate buddies where they get their bones fixed?

Well I am lucky my bf works 5 mins from me so he can drive. So I hope not to miss much work. I dont rotate my forearm to use a mouse! ER is emergency room, the hospital. I dont know where else to go. My coworker that rides race horses comes back tomorrow. I will ask her on Drs since she broke her ankle, etc. Thats why I posted. I had a bad car accident once and went to the ER but all they had to do was reinflate my lung which they did right away. Nothing major.
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