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Getting insurance
: But they want 3 months up front. :`( I will see what I can do to borrow money or if they can bill me monthly instead.
: But it says it starts the 1st. The 4th is a holiday which I dont get paid yet. Should I wait til the 2nd at least so as to not miss 2 more days work, no? Do they do surgery right away if needed? Will I have to make an appointment? When I go should I not eat so I dont get sick if they put me out? Gosh this is going to cost me!! I'll be happy to get fixed tho!!

Go on the 1st, don't wait any longer. You'll most likely be able to work after they've wrapped you up in a day or so. My guess is to look for a specialist. Some insurances need your primary doctor to refer you to a specialist, or they won't pay for it. Good luck.

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