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Major surgery, maybe tomorrow!
Hey, please tell me, how long before you could drive? My bf has to work a 2 week night camp and might not be able to get out of it. So I might be on my own after surgery. But my job is an hour away. I'm a lightweight. So I probably wont be able to drive and take the pain pills. I think I will be in much more pain after surgery, I might need to ask for a chew toy to bite on to handle the pain lol. How much does that stuff cost since my insurance doesnt pay perscriptions? I hope I get percocet. I'm sure I will come home and go to my happy land lol. I was bad and skated the park and ride tonight. I was SCARED. My arm still hurts but most the time I forget. Dang, I felt so free and happy so I'm ready to go! My will to skate is STRONG.

I am not sure why Drs are so negative. I think its to cover their a$$. Like I said I should be dead, twice already, and I'm still kickin and screamin. :-D And I will do handplants!! If its not fixed, I will get a prosthesis made or something or learn to turn left and use my left arm. I just need support and time to heal I think. I hope its today. I have to get up in 2 hrs if I want to drink any coffee and I havent gone to bed yet lol.

: Claudine, good luck with the surgery. My doctors told me that I would never be able to extend my arm and besides a little pain, I am totally fine. You will be fine and be skating very soon. Don't be afraid to take those Vicodine, but stop taking them after a week because I was popping those things at work for a long time and it made me loopy. lol
: : OK, my fracture is much worse then I thought. Seems like to set the bones with this type of fracture, there is a 10 day period where the bones have these pointy edges like a puzzle so they know how to put it together straight. I had no idea. :-(
: :
: : Well seems like the bone was splintered and shattered into the other bone and all those edges have become rounded from healing so there is now no way for them to set the bone the way it was. Its a guessing game. It has healed in a new shape. He said pretty much most Drs. wouldnt do it now because it is now a high risk procedure and major surgery, complicated to do. There is a high risk for infection too which is very serious. But if they DONT do it, I will never be able to move my arm and this bone is now shortened too so they would have to eventually shorten the other bone. Since it splintered, there are still pointy edges sticking out the side also. So he thinks the best thing to do is surgery in my case. He said I will never get back full range of motion but he thinks I will be able to use my arm. He cant tell me how much motion I will get back. He didnt say if I would be able to do handstands, no guarantee, but my bunny broke her hip before I got her, its crooked, she couldnt walk and I was told she may not be able to do much. She is now running up and down the 4 story house (no ladders) and jumps just fine. I know I will be able to do it. If not, I asked about a prosthesis to help support my arm. I dont need full range, just some and I will be happy. I will be the worlds best disabled skater now!! I'll be the RAD skater, Right Arm Disorder lol.
: :
: : I will find out 9 am here if its tomorrow, if not its Monday! Then I can eat and go to work, otherwise I cant eat all day, crap. It will be late afternoon if he can fit me in. He will have to shatter my bone and rebuild the entire thing. It will not be perfect but he will do his best. I guess it will be more metal then bone. I'm sure I will be in pain. They asked for a living will. Irene, you are closest to my size so you can have my skates if so. But I want to be buried with my vert skates on so they know I am going to vert rollerskating heaven and I'm ready to rip! I will be ok I'm sure. I know drs just like to scare the crap out of you so you dont sue them and are happy that you are ok. I've already been declared dead and obviously I'm still kicking and screaming and soon again rollin. :-D
: :
: : Tonight I am going to skate on a street most the night. I need one more roll! I dont even have the splint now. I left it at the office. He said I didnt need it since its mostly healed up anyway. I hope it is tomorrow, Fri is a holiday here which I wont get paid and that gives me the weekend to rest and recover. I dont know how long it will take, probably 3 more months, ugh, I hope the surgery is at 3 pm or 4. I will roll again tomorrow lol.
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: : Oh, I told him I fell in a dry pool when I was goofing off. Its close enough eh? I dont need any lectures now nor do I want neg. statistics.
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