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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
Surgery Today!!
: : : : All the best, Claudine! You will be less scared on the second occasion but rather accept the inevitable. ;-)
: : :
: : : I'm so scared, never major surgery in my life and thats my right arm. But the insurance is ok, got my animals taken care of, rent is PAID :-D, my bf is dropping me off and taking my car, my Mom is picking me up and getting my happy pills. Wow, I called work and they are ALL cheering for me, YAY! They all wished me lots of luck. I love my job......
: :
: : I know it's crazy, but just think about skating again and enjoy the drugs. Best thoughts for today and a speedy recovery. A tough cookie like you will bounce right back.
: Thanks everyone!! I might be alone tonight, ugh. Off to cut and chop lol. Maybe they can attach the million dollar bionic arm and some wings? ;-D Hope I dont get into an accident there. I'll drive sloooooowwww.

all the best, were thinking of you.
they only hand out the wings when your too slow in the bowl.
good luck.

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