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lee Ettinger
sold out
: I can't imagine that you were sidesurfing on inlines, though I had done so myself when competing in inline contests (they wouldn't let me compete in rollerskates). So I strapped on inlines for the 2 runs and skated the rest of the time in my skates. I usually came in top 3 during '93-'96. I really just wanted to ride the vert ramp and entering the contest seemed the easiest path. Did you and fred sidesurf for Rollerblade? I met a guy named Ivano G. from Switzerland during my first inline contest. He was a rollerskater, turned inliner. He was in NYC visiting and decided to enter, subsequently taking first and cash prize of $500. He didn't speak a word of English. I took first also, $250 cash for womens division. It pays to sell out once in a while. Anymore skeletons in the closet?

no side surfing blades. fred and i rode them parallel. i did get confused every now and then and try and dropping in on ten foot pipes side surf = ouch!!

i just wanted to tour and be sponsored also. when the new generation of bladers started blowing away old guys like me (37) i gracefully bowed out of competitions and sponsorships and focused on other pursuits.

now i just am a weekend warrior side surfing becuase i dig it.
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