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tim altic (pictures by tim altic)
sold out
: I can't imagine that you were sidesurfing on inlines, though I had done so myself when competing in inline contests (they wouldn't let me compete in rollerskates). So I strapped on inlines for the 2 runs and skated the rest of the time in my skates. I usually came in top 3 during '93-'96. I really just wanted to ride the vert ramp and entering the contest seemed the easiest path. Did you and fred sidesurf for Rollerblade? I met a guy named Ivano G. from Switzerland during my first inline contest. He was a rollerskater, turned inliner. He was in NYC visiting and decided to enter, subsequently taking first and cash prize of $500. He didn't speak a word of English. I took first also, $250 cash for womens division. It pays to sell out once in a while. Anymore skeletons in the closet?
I have met Ivano when at the world champs in Lausanne Switz. He was the world champion for a few years running, He should get 1st place at most any contest. Have you been to Lausanne, Ireen? You would love it. We all should go and hook up there some year, all of us old skaters. Culturally it would be a bash, and something you all would remember for life.
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