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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Lausanne, Switzerland
Tim, Irene,

it would be really nice to meet someplace. I think I will be in Lausanne this year again, taking pictures for However, the traditional roller contest now is more of a local event and I haven't been there fir three years. Insteand, I have been to the more commercial event, the Urban Contest, which has been in existence for three years now. Ramp skating seems to be on the decline on this event, however. Apart from those rampe (which are only there for this event), I don't know the ramps in Lausanne.

I have also met Ivano Gagliardo there a few times. But there are quite some skaters who are better than him!

We will also organize a vert contest on Freiburg on the big Vertical ramp this year. It's only a small contest, but we will have skate boarders, inline skaters and roller skaters (if they will come!).

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