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tim altic (pictures by tim altic)
Lausanne, Switzerland
It would be great to plan something over this web site and we could just contact everyone at some point advertize the time and place. Just my thoughts on furthering the idea of a big old school fling. I am a part of this other forum in England where I was in the mag there and the "Rom Skate park has a pool that brings old regulars. check the mag scans I'm all over them as a skateboarder and a rollerskater. As for Lausanne I guess the scene has gotten smaller, when I went it was the biggest thing I'd ever seen and a great skate park, but things change. I love San Diego, I'll keep it on the burner. I want to skate the bowl at YMCA. I also ran into a group of the old 70's crew, turns out I look just like their most rad dude and by accident was invited to an old skaters reunion and everyone there (60+ people) thought I was Bill. It was one of the funnest times I've had on skate. We skated the musium and the park around the zoo, nice down hill runs in mass, and bar-b-qed on the front lawn of the museum. I would love to do that again. I am a skier now and just had a fine day, skied the deepest powder of the year this morning and even got caught in a little avalanch. 2 trees caught my skis and I was left hanging upside down but happy. later, Tim
: I have met Ivano when at the world champs in Lausanne Switz. He was the world champion for a few years running, He should get 1st place at most any contest. Have you been to Lausanne, Ireen? You would love it. We all should go and hook up there some year, all of us old skaters. Culturally it would be a bash, and something you all would remember for life.
: Tim,
: It would be great to get a bunch of us together for the killer old skool rollerskating sess. I've not been, but would love to visit more of Europe in general. Good stuff to ride in Lausanne? Are you still in touch with Ivano? A few of us have suggested this idea, the problem is we are scattered around the US, Germany, Canada, Australia. It would be great to get a bash like this going. How is the hard part. I am toying with going out to San Diego this July to ride some parks and hopefully, session with rollerskaters out that way. Anyone else out there down for that?
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