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Slammed on sunday
: I thought I would make this a new post from my last because one is positive and this was is not. I went to a really cool skatepark about 32 miles away called Pala. It has a nice pool and a ton of flow bowl type stuff. I skated the pool a little and did not like the small shallow end wall so I thought I would take it easy in the flow area. After skating for a bit and doing some fun carves I had a freak fall. I fell dropping in! I think this is the first time in my life I fell dropping in. It was almost identical to the fall I had when I broke my elbow falling on a footplant, which I have never fallen on in my life. My legs seemed to straighten out and came up from underneath me. I was completely airborne and fell backwards on my hip, elbow, and head. It was almost similar to my bad fall and I layed there for about five minutes. I felt the pain in my ribs and instantly had a bruise on my elbow and hip. I was wearing good hip pads and fat elbows. Luckily, I did not break anything, but my body is feeling pretty worked right now. I think that if I fell a little less sideways, I would have broken my opposite elbow. I am so pissed and frustrated. I realized today that the fall aggrevated some sort of muscle injury I have in my thighs where I get a shooting pain and literally can't walk for a moment. I am going to a BBQ for a skateboard forum I belong to in Arizona on November 7th. I hope I will be able to skate, but I am fucking screwed mentally. I know it goes with the territory, but it just sucks. It's one thing to fall trying your old tricks, but another to fall doing nothing. I am starting to think my skates are too heavy. I seriously think each is about 7-10 lbs. I can't wait to try my new little jump bar and hope to eventually get a different plate and a better set up. It's all good though, because I can still skate.
: Rob

Dude, glad you're okay!
I slammed dropping in a year or so ago, off the vert extension. First try, no problem, next time...I had a mental hesitation, but it was too late, I was already halfway in...then BLAMMO. I guess we all do it every now and again, no matter how long we've been at this skating thing. I alway seem to get hurt doing the simplest things, not trying anything hard, like 540s. Why?
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