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Slammed on sunday
: : I thought I would make this a new post from my last because one is positive and this was is not. I went to a really cool skatepark about 32 miles away called Pala. It has a nice pool and a ton of flow bowl type stuff. I skated the pool a little and did not like the small shallow end wall so I thought I would take it easy in the flow area. After skating for a bit and doing some fun carves I had a freak fall. I fell dropping in! I think this is the first time in my life I fell dropping in. It was almost identical to the fall I had when I broke my elbow falling on a footplant, which I have never fallen on in my life. My legs seemed to straighten out and came up from underneath me. I was completely airborne and fell backwards on my hip, elbow, and head. It was almost similar to my bad fall and I layed there for about five minutes. I felt the pain in my ribs and instantly had a bruise on my elbow and hip. I was wearing good hip pads and fat elbows. Luckily, I did not break anything, but my body is feeling pretty worked right now. I think that if I fell a little less sideways, I would have broken my opposite elbow. I am so pissed and frustrated. I realized today that the fall aggrevated some sort of muscle injury I have in my thighs where I get a shooting pain and literally can't walk for a moment. I am going to a BBQ for a skateboard forum I belong to in Arizona on November 7th. I hope I will be able to skate, but I am fucking screwed mentally. I know it goes with the territory, but it just sucks. It's one thing to fall trying your old tricks, but another to fall doing nothing. I am starting to think my skates are too heavy. I seriously think each is about 7-10 lbs. I can't wait to try my new little jump bar and hope to eventually get a different plate and a better set up. It's all good though, because I can still skate.
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: : Rob
: Dude, glad you're okay!
: I slammed dropping in a year or so ago, off the vert extension. First try, no problem, next time...I had a mental hesitation, but it was too late, I was already halfway in...then BLAMMO. I guess we all do it every now and again, no matter how long we've been at this skating thing. I alway seem to get hurt doing the simplest things, not trying anything hard, like 540s. Why?

should i brag that i got busted thinking i was supergirl on vert and doing something hard? i'm paying BIG for it. saw/spoke to 4 drs. in 2 days and tests to see why i'm not healing, not fun. wow, glad ur ok robert. i'm screwed up mentally now too. my mom got really angry at me this weekend when i told her i tried to run around the track. she thinks i will fall and break my arm. makes me feel like a crippled old woman. from being supergirl. what happened?

when i dropped in on vert 2nd time i smacked my butt and got a headache lol.
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