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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
A couple of pics...
Hi Again Everybody.
Just want to say I was looking through some of the pic archives. Killer Stuff all around People! Got me motivated to show you a couple more pics....hope you like them.

This 1st one is of a trick I call the 100/100. The skateboarder is my Bro, Ian. He does a 50/50 axle stall & I'm right behind him & stall his board. It looks more impressive in motion, but here it is.

Me & Ian

OK.This is one I just like. Dawnie (my better half) took it of me getting into a handplant.

Getting into an Invert

This is the that handplant....

Extension Handplant

Here's one of me transferring into this Spine ramp from a 1/4 pipe set-up 90 degrees off from Spine.

90 Degree Transfer

That's it for now, Kids. I've got to go to the Airport to get my Wife. More soon. Best to All. Keep Rollin'....
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