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: Hey Jay hope the new house is cool.Gotta give us some pics of the inverts dood.I hope to be skating Albert Park ramp(beside the F1 track) Tuesday morn and will try and get something to show(seem to say that a lot but always forget cos I'm skating).Anyhoo have a great sesh.

cheers joe

: Thanks. I actually learned that trick about 10 years ago with my good friend Kirk. He actually got me into Skating when I helped him build a 6 foot mini ramp one Summmer about 15 years ago.
: We used to do it on Vert. I wanted to upload image of he & me doing it back in the day, but it's too large. I'm working on reducing the image size.
: Skating with my bud Ian (from pic) tomorrow. It's my 1st session in well over a week as I've been moving into new house. I haven't skated since I did my 1st Real Inverts ever. So I'm Stoked to Skate. Hope you ten un buen fin de semana, hermano.
: Keep Rollin'.....
: : Cool pics, jay.
: : 100/100 ... I'll take note. Double tricks are really nice, specially at the first times, when you slam with your friend, isn't it?
: :
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