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yep, GOOD news!
cortisone weakens tendons and ligaments so thats why i dont take it. if it didnt ache, i would be jumping and squatting like mad and it wouldnt heal. pain keeps me from doing damage lol. i still feel old since i'm not sure what i did really. i'm just glad its one less surgery and knee surgery is never good. so are you healed up? hope so!

.: Congratulations. I would have taken the cortisone shot. They hurt, but they help.
: : finally, good news! i saw my knee dr. on results about my right knee. i thought i might have a tear in that suddenly since it hurt same place as my left knee so it was hard to do squats. well dr. said its INFLAMED, awesome, WOO-HOO! i coulda jumped and gave him a high 5 but then i remembered my knees will hurt lol. NO surgery on it. i will just go to PT for both now and it'll be fine. he was going to give me cortisone and i said i'm ok. just paranoid that every pain has turned out serious. sprains and inflamation are all fine by me. nurses thought it was funny to see someone so stoked from inflamation lol.
: :
: : so my knees will be back to normal soon. i was thinking my tissues were degenerating or something if BOTH my knees were mest up. so now let those finish healing and worry about my arm. next week i'll hear something. hopefully the bone is finally "inflamed" and mending lol. wow, now i feel like i'm 70 instead of 90, lets hear it for 12 again!!
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