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although drs. are great, i've found in the drug department, its good to research it first to make sure it's actually helping me and not just masking symptoms while causing other problems. its crazy they dont mention this. its because of profit.

well, not healing up yet but soon. just happy its nothing that needs surgery. knees i guess take time. i think when i hurt my left knee it took many months til i could squat again. i remember sk8n w/ straight legs lol. but this fri. i will talk to my arm dr. and see what surgery hes doing and should find out my test results to see if theres another reason why my arms not healing. so i'll get there! hope ur healed soon! im just sick and tired of this cast. its getting cold and i cant put clothes on lol.

: That is pretty scary to read. I am hoping my injuries are better by next week. Glad to hear you are healing up Claudine.
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: : so i pass.....
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