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more surgery
i went to the ortho today. no healing, 4 months. because there wasnt enough bone in my arm to stimulate healing. lost a lot of bone since fragments died from waiting to get it fixed. so surgery nov. 13th. they will take bone from my hip and put in my arm, then implant a bone stimulator and hopefully in 3-4 months it will heal. then i will get the stimulator surgically removed. i will be in the hospital after surgery. if this doesnt work, options are bad. :-( but it will heal this time right? its my own bone. also my vit. D is on the low side so mega supplementing that now to get in the range healthiest for bones. i take it but some people need a lot more. if you havent, get it tested so noone here has weak bones later.

pray for me please!!! i need it......
i took a pic of my forearm but it is looking pretty ugly, ew.... no more muscle really.
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