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more surgery
: : Good luck Claudine. I will be sending out the healing vibes.
: :
: : : i went to the ortho today. no healing, 4 months. because there wasnt enough bone in my arm to stimulate healing. lost a lot of bone since fragments died from waiting to get it fixed. so surgery nov. 13th. they will take bone from my hip and put in my arm, then implant a bone stimulator and hopefully in 3-4 months it will heal. then i will get the stimulator surgically removed. i will be in the hospital after surgery. if this doesnt work, options are bad. :-( but it will heal this time right? its my own bone. also my vit. D is on the low side so mega supplementing that now to get in the range healthiest for bones. i take it but some people need a lot more. if you havent, get it tested so noone here has weak bones later.
: : :
: : : pray for me please!!! i need it......
: : : i took a pic of my forearm but it is looking pretty ugly, ew.... no more muscle really.
: now, more than ever, is the time to be positive.
: and we are praying for you.
thank you both! i'm going to try to think positively. i will tell the dr. if he needs to take from both sides of my hip to fill the gap, go ahead! this has to work. we dont need the iliac crest but i do need my arms and legs. i cant think of this. i've been up since 3 am. i will be OK. i hope to be out of cast by Feb. or March! i hope to roll easy by summer. i cant chance that either. if the screws start to losen, thats it my dr. said. i didnt know. i think hes trying to scare me so i coorperate well. its working.
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