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zorg (videos by zorg) (pictures by zorg)
: : Hi Bernhard, it was a last minute travel, so I hope next time I can contact you when I travel so close to your house and we can have some sessions together!!!! You have at least 2 nice parks!!!
: Yes, pity that we did not meet. I'm in Basel every day for work! Winterthur is a bit farther.
Ya I know, we were in Strasbourg for 2 days, and the 2nd it was raining like crazy, so we decided to go to Basel last min.

You rode the cradle, craaazy! And you make the big ramp in Basel look tiny ... ;-)
: Thank you for the videos. Who did the camera?
My wife did the camera, it was the first time but she progressed fast ;-)

: BTW.: They think about tearing down the ramp in Basel ... :-(
It's a pity, but if it's not used so often and they have to maintain it, I as alone nearly the 3 hours
: I've got spot checks about Winterthur and Basel Pumpwerk at Also some other spots in Switzerland and elsewhere in the world.

Ya I know this 2 spots from your website, thank very much again Bernhard!!! your advices for finding the skateparks were better than a GPS!!! Finding a free parking place close to the park in Basel without breaking the law was tricky (it was the Basel Mess too).
You work in a nice city!!! Funny thing is that we tried to find a restaurant serving "Raclette" (melted cheese with potatoes, ham,....), but only found 2 serving "Fondue" (melted cheese with bread)

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