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hey zorg, u think u can do this frontstance? i would LOVE to learn this trick!!

thanks for the well wishes. getting ready and spirits stoked for healing. my full recovery wont be speedy unfortunately, but i realize now i must recover fully first in order to prevent more harm to myself. i have a long and painful rehab to go through. given that, my return will be slow but more sweet and special then anyone can imagine. so my future sk8n experiences will bring me more happiness then i've ever experienced. :-D i am trying to learn the word patience. i still dont like it lol, grrr... i passed a ditch today going to PT and my heart rate went up, got a goofy smile on my face and got so excited, i havent lost my love for it a bit....unfortunately lol.

: Thanks Claudine! FS and BS sidestance slides are tricks I learned when no more ramps were available. The guy in skateboard did them very high in the cradle and reminded me, hey why not trying???!!! Funny thing is that he tried transfert after I tried, so we got mutual inspiration!!!!
: Recover smoothly and fast!!!!!!
: Cheers
: : i really like the trick where you put ur hand down and slide on ur sk8s. like boarders do, really cool. i wanna try that one day. i think my arm will heal nicely this time. :-D
: :
: : : Hi Bernhard, it was a last minute travel, so I hope next time I can contact you when I travel so close to your house and we can have some sessions together!!!! You have at least 2 nice parks!!!
: : :
: : : Cheers
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