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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Two more Australian Skate Parks
: Hey Bernard,
: I can't tell what you're saying about the parks/skaters (I only speak/read English & REALLY BAD MUY MAL Spanish!)

It's nothing very important I'm writing in these two spot checks. But is in priciple bi-lingual (mostly German, but sometimes also English) and if someone requests it, I provide an English version of a page. Being lazy, I only do it on request. But before someone gets an automatic translation, I think my English still makes more sense.

: but the concrete speaks for itself...couple more reasons to be Jealous of those Lucky Blokes Down Under!!

Indeed, indeed. And they have much more, just look at the pics Paul Rollerball posted.

: When did you go to Australia? Why no pics of you?

I've been to Australia one year ago. There is also a page about Cairns on And it's quite normal that you don't see the photographer that often on his pics. ;-) Maybe I will write some kind of travel report about my Australia trip, like the one about my trip to California.
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