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Two more Australian Skate Parks
WOW! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing that, Bernard! I've seen a few pics from Monster's of Roll '04....but your text almost made me feel like I was there. Very Nice. I'm going to try to do a better job documenting/photographing when Irene's here & we're skating in Cali, but when the Energy's high & the pool's are Empty, I'm usually in the line-up to Drop-In, ya know?? But, I'm going to try. Thanks again....killer stuff.

: : Hey Bernard,
: : I can't tell what you're saying about the parks/skaters (I only speak/read English & REALLY BAD MUY MAL Spanish!)
: It's nothing very important I'm writing in these two spot checks. But is in priciple bi-lingual (mostly German, but sometimes also English) and if someone requests it, I provide an English version of a page. Being lazy, I only do it on request. But before someone gets an automatic translation, I think my English still makes more sense.
: : but the concrete speaks for itself...couple more reasons to be Jealous of those Lucky Blokes Down Under!!
: Indeed, indeed. And they have much more, just look at the pics Paul Rollerball posted.
: : When did you go to Australia? Why no pics of you?
: I've been to Australia one year ago. There is also a page about Cairns on And it's quite normal that you don't see the photographer that often on his pics. ;-) Maybe I will write some kind of travel report about my Australia trip, like the one about my trip to California.
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