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Stoked about IRENE!!
: u r a lucky guy as irene is my all time heroine! the day she sk8s w/ me will be the best day of my life. so take pics!! irene's the best!!!! darn, summer, please come quick lol. hey, have LOTS of fun please, rad sk8n to come, yay!

Hey Claudine,
Heal Up fast & you can SK8 with a whole bunch of us, including Irene, @ RollerCon next Summer! I'll give Irene your best.....
: :
: : Hello ALL!
: : If you don't know alreeady Irene Ching is coming to stay with Dawnie & I for awhile starting this Tuesday 12/09! Needless to say, I'm STOKED!!! Irene's just an Awesome Lady with whom I can converse endlessly AND an INCREDIBLE Skater who always makes me want to SK8 my Best! She's a good friend & she'll have the distinction of 1st guest in our new house. Just got one of the guest rooms ready this past week, so I'm glad noone else is showing up just yet. LOL.
: : Anyway, after about 4 days with us, we're driving to SoCal to hook up with the South Bay Crue. That's Duke Rennie & his Awesome Family, As well as Desi Jones, & Lee Ettinger.
: : I just got off the phone with brother Duke & he assures me a session will be had both Saturday night (when we arrive) & Sunday morning, as I've got to be back in Vegas foor work by 4am Monday.....So I'm Stoked about that. 2 Killer Socal sessions with 4 or 5 rollerskaters....what's not to like?? Especially after the skating that I'm sure will go down here in town with just Irene & me....
: : Any of you out there in cyber-rollerland wanna come out I'll go by another bed for the other room before your flight lands....I swear! Always room for another rollerskater @ my house!
: : Well as you can tell from my signature rambling, I'm excited about this week to come. Hope to have pics/vids to post when I return from Cali sometime that week.
: : OK. Everybody have a great weekend!!!
: : PEACE,
: : Jay
: :
: : P.S. Here's a glimpse
: : of one place I'll take Irene
: : next week. All pool coping.
: :
: : Wagon Wheel Pools
: :
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