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Stoked about IRENE!!
: Mr B, it was a honour to share time at Woodward and Lyon...very fond memories for me and I hope that we can all gather again someday soon.

Very fond memories on my side, too. It was a relaxed bunch of roller skaters there!

: I'm working on a trip to Madrid and Barcelona, maybe springtime/summer with an old co-worker artist girlfriend. Have you been?

I've never been there but I very much like to go there some day. Would be y good occasion. My Spanish has improved a bit since Lyon, but it is still not up to the task (I took one semester at the "universidad popular" :-)).

: Duke, Lee and Desi surely return the feelings. Miss you and cannot thank you enough for this vessel that connects all of us.

Yes, times are good for us roller skaters in the age of the internet.
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