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: : any sites for knee exercises? i have to do PT for my knee on my own since i have a limit on PT and must use it for my arm. i also need low back exercises? any advise? i will do what i started to do in PT and look some up but if anyone has any ideas, would be nice.
: :
: : i am on Swiss TV for an interview. i spilled the beans about our country, the medical system. my insurance company should have been nicer lol. she asked me questions on how our country helps people like me and how i managed to survive on so little money. i gave a good interview i think! so if u get swiss TV u can watch me at the food bank w/ a big smile on my face cause friday is coming soon and i am happy to be getting my health back. so in my mind, i will be rich that day lol! sk8n is free so when im healed i got all i need. :-D i spoke how not much money is needed to be happy and i have friends to help me. i guess in europe, things are much easier.
: regarding exercises, i heartily recomend push ups in the long grass. worked a treat for me.
: good to hear you told the truth about a reprehensible health system, or lack there of.
: your country should start to improve now that the blackhouse has a new tennant.
: cheers, h .

So thats why you never mow your lawn.

cheers joe
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