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: : i am thinking now on what I can get to better protect my arm. i know even when healed, when i slam forward, i will kept right arm bent so i will slide on my elbow/side of arm. outstretched arm wont happen. i will need better foam at elbow then PD 1/2" kiddies. i was told those with a hard shell provide more protection. i was going to get standard PD but if my arm is bent, wont a bmx/motorcycle give more support if I can get equal foam? i really cant fit adults unless custom. my right forarm is now less then 7" around lol.
: I don't know, Claudine. Pads are pretty personal AND usually require some trial & error. I know, personally, I'm always looking for the right balance between protection & comfort/flexibility. I mean, let's face it: If it's too bulky/heavy/sweaty/whatever you're eventually going to NOT wear it. Then you're in Trouble.
: Wear what works for you. Good Luck Keep Healing.
: Jay
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hey, thanks for the feedback! UR awesome!! seems like the motorcross ones maybe less cushy for soft falls, but more movement, more protection then the kiddies, and more support for my forearm bones. Plus cheapier. I will think it through. I can always add padding to begin with until I feel my arm is stronger. i seem to custom everything for myself as I never find what works for me on the shelves.
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