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New Skates-- Photos
Nice Jay. Did you get those from Rollergirl? What are you going to do with the plate? Any jump bars or grind plates?

: nice hairdo lol. ;-D
: cool sk8s! i bet ur stoked. I loooooooved the wide trucks when i got mine. I started out with the narrow ramp trucks. it was so much more stable. i clipped my heels a few times but not too hard to adjust. i put the softest bushings in there and they were great!!!! what was REALLY great was the sk8board wheels. they were heaven. have fun!!!!!!
: 11 more days til I can ride a bike. :-D
: :
: : HAPPY NEW YEAR, Everybody!!!
: : Hope everyone had a Fun AND Safe New Year's Eve. Lee & I were VERY fortunate to have my Amazing wife, Dawnie, be our Designated Driver last night so we could indulge. Pretty cool of her as she's pregnant & it was pretty cold last night.
: : Anyway I thought you guys (& girls) might want to see my new SK8s. It's a TOTALLY new Set-Up for me as I've always skated stock rollerskates that I just slightly modified.
: : These new SK8s are also STOCK, but intended for Vertical Skating.....And THEY WORK!! Check it out:
: :
: : Here's what a Dork looks like when his new SK8s finally arrive:
: : JayTheRollerSkater
: :
: : The SK8s:
: : Side-View of New SK8
: :
: : Bottom View of Jay's New SK8
: :
: : New SK8 next to Old SK8:
: :
: : New SK8 vs. Old SK8
: :
: : I have to say I REALLY like these new SK8s. I know most of you have been riding wider trucks forever, but I haven't, & I LIKE it!
: : Still uploading pictures from our session the other night, but I'll post them soon.
: : KEEP ROLLIN' in '09!!!!
: : Jay
: :
: :
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