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Hey Everybody.
Thanks So Much for the input. I hope I can make some of it work for me.
Bernard, Good advice on the axle/truck stall drop-ins. I was actually doing those yesterday on 7-8 foot tall stuff. I REALLY liked the feeling of the coping beneath my trucks! But I couldn't seem to get the 90 degree turn to make the stall. And, thanks again SO MUCH for the Vert Forum, Bernard! Where else could I turn for advice that would help me?? LOL!!
Claudine, I like the one foot idea. My trailing foot keeps trying to cross over when I get to the coping. And I'll take pics of my wristguards I've been using for years & LOVE: Harbingers, & send to you. You may like them better.
Joe, thanks for the advice. I was trying carves before, but going right for the grind with both feet. It hasn't been working. I like your idea of keeping inside foot in & just getting one foot on. I may be able to get more accustomed to the body position required your way. I'll give it a shot.
I think I'm going to have to break down & start at the beginning though instead of trying to run before I can walk.I'm going to HAVE to learn Axle Stalls. I was trying to postpone that, but I think I have to learn those before I'm comfortable to be really grinding. Because the couple of baby grinds I did get into were hella-fast compared to what I'm used to.So I think being able to just ride to the top & truck-stall will be a useful skill.
Thanks again Everybody. If anyone thinks of anything else, please let me know. I'll keep you guys posted on my progress (or lack thereof!!LOL)....keep your fingers crossed for me.....
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