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Hey Jay, you are an awesome guy! Could you do me a favor? I wont be able to try tricks til fall but if you document your progress as you learn it, it would help me out a lot to see a progress video! I know its time before you are ripping those up. I only see vids of you guys who have done it for many years. I would be stoked to see a learning video as I'm still a newbie and having to learn on my own.

I'm glad ur stoked! I'm totally up today myself as I rode my mountain bike finally. But now its one more month and my arm is slowly getting there. Everytime I stretch out my wrist I pretend I'm doing a handplant. I was day dreaming of doing tricks on my skates today and it was so cool! I think by mid April I will be carving again. WOO-HOO! Its just so freakin coooooold now, burrrrrrrrrr....I will be riding my bike tomorrow still lol. I feel like a kid again! Thanks for sharing as your excitement makes me excited.

: Hey Everybody.
: Thanks So Much for the input. I hope I can make some of it work for me.
: Bernard, Good advice on the axle/truck stall drop-ins. I was actually doing those yesterday on 7-8 foot tall stuff. I REALLY liked the feeling of the coping beneath my trucks! But I couldn't seem to get the 90 degree turn to make the stall. And, thanks again SO MUCH for the Vert Forum, Bernard! Where else could I turn for advice that would help me?? LOL!!
: Claudine, I like the one foot idea. My trailing foot keeps trying to cross over when I get to the coping. And I'll take pics of my wristguards I've been using for years & LOVE: Harbingers, & send to you. You may like them better.
: Joe, thanks for the advice. I was trying carves before, but going right for the grind with both feet. It hasn't been working. I like your idea of keeping inside foot in & just getting one foot on. I may be able to get more accustomed to the body position required your way. I'll give it a shot.
: I think I'm going to have to break down & start at the beginning though instead of trying to run before I can walk.I'm going to HAVE to learn Axle Stalls. I was trying to postpone that, but I think I have to learn those before I'm comfortable to be really grinding. Because the couple of baby grinds I did get into were hella-fast compared to what I'm used to.So I think being able to just ride to the top & truck-stall will be a useful skill.
: Thanks again Everybody. If anyone thinks of anything else, please let me know. I'll keep you guys posted on my progress (or lack thereof!!LOL)....keep your fingers crossed for me.....
: Thanks....
: Jay
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