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You should watch the movie 'Air Attack' if you want to see some stellar skating, including side stance tricks. Have you seen it?


: Youre so funny Robert lol! Hope you are having fun skating!! I just think I dont have the right balance for sidestance to be natural but heck, I'll play around with it. I'll check out the vids tonight Biff!
: : I did some sidestance many years ago for fun. I find it to be too uncomfortable, but I think that type of skating is awesome for tricks. I think it is more comparable to the types of tricks skateboarders do. The skaters that are good at sidestance seem to have amazing style. It's not for me, but I sure love watching it. I can't even touch my toes so the thought of trying to point both feet in opposite directions hurts. lol
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: : : Just check out MY videos. Link up above there£
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: : : : Since there seems to be a difference of opinions, could those that skate sidestance post just pics of them in that position? I am not sure I could go straight or veer to the backside direction if I stood more erect. I find I need to bend my knees good to anchor myself with my butt to skate straight and also to pump. I pump by pushing my heels forward and backwards while twisting my hips. I have noone that I know that can skate straight sidestance even. I am the only one at my rink that can do that. I cant really do ramps but I would like to learn both ways because its fun to learn new things! Thats why I wanted a camera. I cant learn with other people so I have to see myself in pics to learn.
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: : : : BTW, did anyone hear me singing Its a Beautiful Day lol? I was going really fast on my mountain bike today and jumping speed bumps and curbs and all and caught the happy bug. :-D Life is getting pretty good now!
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