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thanks!! Yeah, it was like 70F here, woo-hoo! I am soooo out of shape. I like to go hard and fast and then I want to just eat and sleep lol. I almost slept through my class last night hahahaha! Today I still just want to eat and sleep and stretch lol but luckily its windy outside so I can rest and um, do my homework lol.

I'm waiting til Monday to increase my fun activities. See Dr. then. But I kinda want to take out the unicycle and see what I can do lol. I really cant wait to roll the bowls again...that will be amazing.

: : Since there seems to be a difference of opinions, could those that skate sidestance post just pics of them in that position? I am not sure I could go straight or veer to the backside direction if I stood more erect. I find I need to bend my knees good to anchor myself with my butt to skate straight and also to pump. I pump by pushing my heels forward and backwards while twisting my hips. I have noone that I know that can skate straight sidestance even. I am the only one at my rink that can do that. I cant really do ramps but I would like to learn both ways because its fun to learn new things! Thats why I wanted a camera. I cant learn with other people so I have to see myself in pics to learn.
: :
: : BTW, did anyone hear me singing Its a Beautiful Day lol? I was going really fast on my mountain bike today and jumping speed bumps and curbs and all and caught the happy bug. :-D Life is getting pretty good now!
: 60+ degrees F in NYC yesterday! and funnily, I was out rollerblading on the streets... stoked I still can do the 3 variations of curb grinds and gap jump a few stairs w/o any injuries. I did SIDESTANCE, too, so hopefully I can recall what goes on.
: There is about 12 inches between my heels, but this increases another 2-3 inches when trying to propel or pump to gain momentum. Knees are pretty bent, it's hard to keep legs straight heel to heel. Keep knees bent like when practicing "horse" stance in martial arts movies. I think I do the same thing on ramps. Practice large backside circles, using rear foot to propel, then try to keep going in straight line, then going frontside. Ice skaters do it best...frontside, straight legs, knees locked...move is called the "Spread Eagle"
: I'll try to video something. Enjoy the outdoors, pad up and try not to go toooo crazy!
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